22 December 2013

Updated programs and guide to integrating Stata and external text editors

The rundo and rundolines programs for integrating Stata with an external text editor were updated to version 4.1 to be compatible with Stata 13. The user guide for the rundo and rundolines programs was also revised. Changes include:

  • All Stata references in the guide were updated to version 13.1, the most recent version as of December 2013.
  • The troubleshooting section was expanded.
  • All broken links in the user guide were repaired.
  • The formatting of the guide was modified so that it is retained when the blog translation tool is used to read the guide in a different language.

Stata/SE 13.1 program window
Stata/SE 13.1 program window

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Friedrich Huebler, 22 December 2013, Creative Commons License
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